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Sea Turtle Cruise



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On the Halong bay with the two thousand small islands, one of the last junk with sails still accommodates on its board some in love with the history and nature.Its hull punt and its small size enable you to discover places where the boats of tourism do not have access, to accost on deserted beaches and to explore unknown caves. The crew of the boat will cook you local dishes with fresh products bought in the floating villages of bay. A means of discovering the life of these thousands of people who grow and live on water.The traditional side of the boat doesn’t preclude high quality. The meals are especially meticulous and appreciate. It’s a time of conviviality between the passengers and the crew. The cabin is a wardroom and the crew converts the seats into a large berth where it’s possible for 4 or 5 people to sleep.If the weather is good, you can also sleep out in the open, on the deck or the roof. Mattress, sleeping bags, blankets are at your disposal.You have the toilet inside and the crew put up a shower on the deck . The boat is always private.